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About  AndroidPimp

AndroidPimp is a shopping recommendation Blog that reviews consumer electronics, Android products from high quality suppliers. Posts are written in English intended for every visitor with regardless of nationality.


What Can you find in AndroidPimp

  • Recommended Products.
  • Reliable Suppliers.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Discounts & Coupons.


About Me

My name is TZahi Arnon ,Practical Mechanical engineer by profession living in Israel.My knowledge and experience includes products design and testing  all kinds types of products.In AndroidPimp Blog I present, test and recommend high quality products from companies and suppliers. If you have any suggestions and special requests for special products of interest, I’d love to hear about it.


Additional Skills 

  • Tracking  Companies and valuable Technologies .
  • Product Design.
  • Product Promotion.
  • Fast Problem Solving.
  • Marketing & Branding.
  • Networking with Companies.
  • Product testing : Software / Hardware.


Fair Notice

Most of the publications presented in blogs, are sponsoring publications. in all of my product reviews you will find links to the advertising company. I always try to recommend high quality products checked by me and considered to give an adequate financial return with high quality compared to other identical products..


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